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We do not only say what we are and what we do. We mean it. Our mission is to bring our global audience the very latest of our news, video, downloads of the work and our commitment on the ground, to discover the Group’s latest approaches and strategies to elevate business opportunities to the next level.


Africa is a hidden treasure in a number of aspects, and definitely the most underrated continent there is. We say that with no single doubt as we haven’t only heard and read about that, but we have also been to Africa, we have seen Africa, and we have touched Africa. All that is thanks to its fast-growing population and also the fast-growing markets that present important opportunities for a broad variety of businesses.


We are a UK brand established in Europe decades ago. We always manage to keep up with the pace of whatever goes on there, from conferences and events to various innovations and investments in different regions. Our strong connections to a great diversity of companies across the continent enable us to be aware of business establishment rules and policies and also the funds and support that the EU offers. With us, success is not a possibility, but a guarantee.


South East Asia has always been an attractive part of the Group’s international business expansion with its increasing population and a strong entrepreneurial culture. Follow us on our journey from the opening of our very first IT offices in Pakistan to the development and implementation of e-commerce market place platforms in this part of the world.


Every Balkanic country where our partners operate has Stabilisation and Association Agreements with the EU. This means that the EU standards are followed thoroughly in the markets and in trade, and that the businesses strive to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We know, because we cooperate with many businesses of this region, and there are a lot of projects we are building up that we are planning to implement very soon.

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