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About us

Beart & Gibson Group is a long  established, British based, international company, specializing in various industries. Grown and diversified from its British roots, Beart & Gibson Group has become a truly global company. With its ever-increasing investments and partnerships portfolio, the Group is involved in several different industries, the most significant of which are: Finance and Investment, IT solution and Digital Marketing, E-commerce Platforms, Architecture/Construction, Education, Minerals, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Media etc.

Our mission is to be one of the world’s leading Global Company by providing a wide range of branded services and products of superior quality and value, in the industries where Beart & Gibson Group is present, helping and creating opportunities in Community, Education and Environment.

Our rapidly growing customer base relies on our unparalleled network, created throughout years of extensive traveling and exploring business opportunities in countries and continents as well as on our professional and ethical work experience. Our offices are present in many countries, with well established and strategized teams of regional and country directors as well as sales teams from United Kingdom, both Western and Eastern Europe, South Asia to African Continent, where our presence is in most of the Countries. We are currently expanding into Japanese, Chinese and Indian market.

Partnership is one of the Beart & Gibson Group’s core values, wishing to expand one globally, seeking opportunities for foreign entities in the geographical areas that we operate in. After many years of vast experience in Construction, (please visit our portfolio) we have successfully partnered up with Do.House for design and architecture, offering our wealth of expertise for luxury architecture and exquisite interior designs. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a professional breakthrough. With this in mind, we have become partners with Rift Valley University, Ethiopia ( please visit the their website for more information), creating an e-learning platform for professional qualifications, offering students opportunities in their careers with top leading UK and global Universities. Having a broad expertise in Mining Industry, we are now the Exclusive Distributor, for the international market, of Bentonite Clay of an Ethiopian mining Company. Being in the Media and TV industry, providing support and entertainment content for production and distribution for a global market, we have teamed up and managed one of the largest entertainment shows in Ethiopia “Golden Call. Proven its success, we are currently in talks to replicate the show in other African countries.

Focusing on our skills, experience, our own proven strategies, product innovations and expertise of international knowledge and resources, the Group and its subsidiaries have always been devoted to developing leading products and services from online platforms, e-learning, consultancy to health, wellness and beauty products.

Our subsidiary, Imagine Solution is a global software developer with over 35 years of experience conceptualizing, building, launching, and maintaining custom digital marketing & IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The international team specialised in web development, branding, graphic design, digital marketing and more, is based in UK, Pakistan and Eastern Europe and has worked for or with some of the largest consultancy firms in the world.

We’ve successfully designed and manage our own ecommerce marketplace for goods and services, Haramain Mart”, Imagine Mart”, with our latest and newest innovation platform “Love My Ghana”, the multi-vendor marketplace aiming at African market and further.

Our products range from health and wellness supplements to the unique products of nicotine free shisha.

We have worked tirelessly with scientists in the field, travelled as far as Bongo (Ghana) to source the best raw natural ingredients of shea butter to create our own brand of authentic and unique health and beauty products offering the best medicinal range for customers’ needs and aspirations. Imagine Beautyfocuses on trendy and affordable beauty services and products online and instore, with the first beauty hub in Prishtina.

Our journey to excellence never ends-we always aim higher for our customers and partners. We act with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate, improve and rigorously measure our progress. When you choose Beart & Gibson Group, you are choosing an industry leader who will work tirelessly with honesty, integrity, and professionalism, from ground up to achieve excellence in the services and products we provide together with supporting communities’ economic and social growth.

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