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There is no proper consultancy if a masterful assessment hasn’t been made in advance, and this is exactly why we pride on more than 2000 successful cases, because it’s the experience that we keep building up that shines through each one of these cases. We advise investors throughout the entire investment life cycle. Regardless of the stage your investment is in, we guarantee that you will achieve consistently higher returns with a systematic and repeatable approach.


BG Business Consulting Service
At BG, we serve our clients in for four areas: consulting, outsourcing, tailored development training, and needed IT resources. These operations allow us to offer an integrated range of business development support and technological service, in todays difficult climate, companies have their focus on survival, with the technical know-how and entrepreneurial experience we possess jointly as a team at BG, we will help you identify business opportunities within your scope of business.

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Our Business Development Process and service is designed to enable your firm grow. We take a critical look at your numbers – prospects, proposals, processes, close ratios, ROI – to identify business development gaps and opportunities. It is against this background that our business consulting services are structured.

From strategic sales and marketing plans, branding to websites, social media, marketing and sales automation, and everything in between, our business consulting services identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, build stronger teams, and produce measurable results for our clients.