Our divisions

investment & finance

Here at Beart and Gibson Ltd, we work with various world-wide financial partners and institutions to assist with investment on behalf of our customers who are able to submit verifiable and professionally represented projects of any magnitude. We also arrange Project Financing.

architecture & construction

With regards to Architecture and Construction our focus is placed on creating timeless buildings, valued and enjoyed by customers, and respected by our peers. We work within the evolving modernist tradition, emphasising on simplicity, integrity and quality.

business consultancy & advising

We help companies to expand across the globe and especially in Africa, by using our extensive knowledge of the area. Factors to take into account are the logistics, culture, local traditions, language barriers, currency exchange and cross border taxation.


We have development teams based in the UK, Pakistan and Eastern Europe. Our experience of IT spans for more than 35 years having worked for or with some of the largest consultancy firms in the world.


Sales are the life blood of business with over 30 years of sales management experience across industries and continents we understand importance and value a well managed sales operation brings to organisations.


We are Media and TV Producers and have our own entertainment show, Golden Call. We can help turn your ideas into a pitch, introduce you to industry players and discuss options for production to help get your work out there.

oil & gas

Our focus is on securing both verified buyers and sellers to input into our Flow-Desk in London. We only deal with Mandates or Direct Principals of the trades.

Minerals & mining

Our Flow-Desk in London puts both buyers and sellers of Minerals from across all continents together. We particularly specialise in the African mineral market.


We have direct access supply chain to many products across the globe. We are exclusive worldwide distributors of unique Organic-Mineral Fertiliser - Meliorant-Plus.