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While the general awareness of our company’s support toward businesses grows, more of our clients seek to make the most of these advantages though our global and resourceful knowledge to help them in identifying needed improvements and measures that might need to be undertaken. Collaborate with our dedicated advisors who will work for you and with you, providing transparent recommendations carefully designed to help your aspirations grow and protect your wealth.


Beart and Gibson is an International, United Kingdom based, multi-sector solution services provider, incorporating loans, investment and insurance. Throughout our powerful networks, using confident, non-traditional approach and creative methods, we deliver customised and tailored services to selective governments, corporations and other global organisations world-wide. This may involve our funders offering recourse loans, non-recourse loans; that are collateralised by cash or assets, including, Government sovereign guarantee, SBLC, Gold, etc. This could finance 60-100% of a sustainable project’s total cost over a long term basis.

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International project financing perceived risks can be very high and this can be especially true for emerging economies, those risks becomes amplified because of the potential instability surrounding politics or the fear that the economy could compromise the completion of a project. Meticulous assessment is needed to stay within the Environmental, Social and Governmental standards and guidelines.
Nonetheless, our financial services division, working with our insurance partners, contribute to the expansion of economies in developing countries. The financial institutions that become involved are taking on risk, with the only collateral being the assets used in the project itself.

Trade Finance

Trade or import and export finance concerns international and national trade transactions, when a buyer purchases good or services from a seller, the financial activities involved come under the umbrella term trade finance.


  • Lending facilities
  • Issuing letters of credits
  • Export factoring (companies receive funds against invoices or accounts receivable)
  • forfeiting (purchasing the receivables or traded goods from an exporter)
  • Export credits (to reduce risks to funders when providing trade or supply chain finance)
  • Insurance (during delivery and shipping, also covers currency risks and exposure)