About us

Beart & Gibson Group is a long  established, British based, international company, specializing in various industries. Grown and diversified from its British roots, Beart & Gibson Group has become a truly global company. With its ever-increasing investments and partnerships portfolio, the Group is involved in several different industries, the most significant of which are: Finance and Investment, IT solution and Digital Marketing, E-commerce Platforms, Architecture/Construction, Education, Minerals, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Media etc.

Our mission is to be one of the world’s leading Global Company by providing a wide range of branded services and products of superior quality and value, in the industries where Beart & Gibson Group is present, helping and creating opportunities in Community, Education and Environment.

Our rapidly growing customer base relies on our unparalleled network, created throughout years of extensive traveling and exploring business opportunities in countries and continents as well as on our professional and ethical work experience. Our offices are present in many countries, with well established and strategized teams of regional and country directors as well as sales teams from United Kingdom, both Western and Eastern Europe, South Asia to African Continent, where our presence is in most of the Countries. We are currently expanding into Japanese, Chinese and Indian market.

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investment & finance
Our advisory team helps Governments; Businesses; Entrepreneurs and lenders make the critical financial close of their projects or investments as successful and smooth as possible by supporting several schemes of financial payment. We work with various world-wide financial partners and institutions, and we professionally represent projects of any magnitude.
architecture & construction
Our focus is placed on creating timeless buildings, valued and enjoyed by customers, and respected by our peers. We bring our decades of extensive experience on re-modelling, extending, and designing the most exceptional architectural buildings and across a variety of interior styles, within the evolving modernist tradition, emphasizing on simplicity, integrity, and quality.
business consultancy & advising
We help companies to expand across the globe and especially in Africa, by using our extensive knowledge of the area. Factors to take into account are the logistics, culture, local traditions, language barriers, currency exchange and cross border taxation. We create detailed and personalized marketing plans that return rewards at exceptional rates.
IT CONSULTANCY & Digital Marketing
We have development teams based in the UK, Pakistan and Eastern Europe. Our experience of IT spans for more than 35 years having worked for or with some of the largest consultancy firms in the world. The international team of ours is specialized in different fields, such as web development, branding, graphic design, social media management and more.
Sales are the life blood of business. With over 30 years of sales management experience across diverse industries and continents, we understand the importance and the value that a well-managed sales operation brings to organizations. We provide specific sales objectives and ongoing measurement, accompanied by appropriate motivation, and active management.
The Beart & Gibson team provides a wide range of entertainment content production and distribution. This spectrum varies from television stations and digital streaming services to internet-based businesses and consumer publishing. We have the best talent and the latest technology to create unique and innovative content in various genres and formats, for all audiences.
oil & gas
Our primary business focus is securing both verified buyers and sellers to input into our Flow-Desk. Then, we are confident in putting them together with assurance that the trade will take place and that both parties are happy to proceed into yearly contracts. We assist countries all over the world to promote their economic growth, technological progress and consumer welfare.
Minerals & mining
Our Flow-Desk in London puts both buyers and sellers of Minerals from across all continents together. We particularly specialize in the African mineral market. Having a broad expertise in the mining industry, we are now the Exclusive International Distributor of Bentonite Clay of “Afar Bentonite”, an Ethiopian mining Company.
We have direct access supply chain to many products across the globe. Beart & Gibson has a team of dedicated professionals including agronomists, various scientists, agricultural economists, business developers and agricultural engineers.
Rig Valley University

Our focus is on securing both verified buyers and sellers to input into our Flow-Desk in London. We only deal with Mandates or Direct Principals of the trades.

Afar Bentonite

Our Flow-Desk in London puts both buyers and sellers of Minerals from across all continents together. We particularly specialise in the African mineral market.


We have direct access supply chain to many products across the globe. We are exclusive worldwide distributors of unique Organic-Mineral Fertiliser - Meliorant-Plus.