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Beart & Gibson Group provides a broad range of services with leading consultants to the mining and various minerals, governmental, financial and legal sectors. We have built up our experience through extensive analyses and studying of mining protocol overseas through networks that are primarily influential on paving government regulations and laws. Our scope covers the entire supply chain and we always focus on providing practical solutions by providing an experienced team of engineers and scientists who are available to meet project.


For the last 8 years, we have established a strong network and communication with some of the biggest mines in Africa. This is providing Gold and other minerals that we take to the Middle East and Eastern European markets. Africa hosts over 30% of the world’s mineral reserve, with over 110 listed mining companies. Africa also produces 22% of the total production of gold, with over half of the mining industry in Africa focusing on gold, they produce around 480 tonnes.


Beart & Gibson Group, are widely recognized experts in the realm of gold and mineral trading, with a keen focus on the African market. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this region make us a go-to resource for businesses and investors interested in the African mineral and gold sectors. Whether it’s understanding market trends, navigating regulatory complexities, or identifying lucrative investment opportunities, Beart & Gibson’s specialisation in Africa ensures that clients receive tailored insights and strategic guidance to thrive in this dynamic and promising market. With a strong track record in gold and mineral trading within Africa, Beart & Gibson stand as trusted advisors for those looking to capitalize on the continent’s abundant resources.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to purchase Gold or any other Minerals from Africa and we will make sure to link you with our trusted and verified suppliers. Please note that all the inquiries should be sent to, in a form of an LOI and subject to our rigorous Due Diligence process.