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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Specialising in true design and build

Architecture and Construction are deeply rooted in Beart & Gibson Group’s history, as it’s not only something that we’ve been doing for years, but our team is also very passionate about it. We always strive to provide our clients with unique approaches to our project’s designs, marrying unmatched technical expertise, with design capabilities that are internationally recognised in at least 4 continents. After all, people and places are what create memories and experiences.


We bring to life designs and solutions that are appropriate to the individual project. They are placed at the centre of the BEART&GIBSON’S core values, as we strive to excel in every aspect of the design and construction process. With a true passion for the profession, the challenges and solutions of any given venture are exceptionally gratifying when they come to fruition. We aspire to create elegant, timeless buildings, valued by owners, enjoyed by customers, and respected by peers. Our newest partnership with DoHouse offers our wealth of expertise for luxury architecture and exquisite interior designs. We stand by the notion that there are no rules or limits when it comes to interior design and crafting spaces in your home gorgeously. Our experienced team can share the latest tips and trends to help you transform your house into a haven that is truly unique to you, and makes you feel more home than ever.


One of our main objectives is not only to provide our clients with buildings that enhance their operation, but through our outcomes we also aim to offer enjoyment and delight. We put clients and our response to their needs and values, at the heart of our design process. Beart&Gibson is committed to its craft. Approaching every project with a unique perspective, the overall goal is to conceptualize, design, and construct spaces that satisfy the client’s desires while fulfilling the creative and artistic passion of the company.

Project Management

We offer peace of mind for the complete project management of the construction required, working with sub contractors and suppliers as well as the construction schedule. Without effective management, a project suffers greatly, this is why it is extremely important to have experienced and trustworthy management. We project manage all of our forms of construction, working alongside our client, offering our expertise and guidance. 


We deliver exciting new housing design beyond the constraints of programme and budget. Residential projects are all about creating unique spaces that are beautifully finished, in harmony with its location and satisfying customer needs. We will ensure to complete the build to the plan made with the client, managing the project also ensures as little stress to the client as possible.


Our design illustrates the creative equilibrium in mix-use projects, when a harmony is established, all by respecting the identity and privacy of the different functions spaces. Mix-use buildings blend residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated. These projects are ideal for urban development and making use of space in the city.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape associates people and places, merging them together as a passive backdrop to human theatre, where a designer’s role is to create that stage to host the event. We collaborate on many different project including public institutions, commercial developments, parks and landscape planning. We use out industry knowledge to advise on long-term architecture and landscape work, to create spaces for purpose.

Educational Establishments

Our educations design stands for value for money and maintenance free, with educational designs they are centred around users to aid the educational industry. Educational buildings are designed for various activities in a primary, secondary, or higher educational system and often including living areas for students, such as dormitories.