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MELIORANT-PLUS is an organic-mineral product used a fertiliser. This product is used to boost the health of the soil and thereby produces stronger, healthier and higher crop yields. The healthier plant also has a higher natural resistant to diseases and pests – requiring less chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, insecticides). The product is also a tool for land-reclamation, putting agricultural land back into production. The humate part gives macro/micro elements – providing plants with enzymes, growth promoters and acting as an antistress substance in poor weather conditions.


Under our own brand in the UK, Imagine Lighting, we have managed to find the perfect combination of the elegance of Italian Design and Chinese LED specialist
manufacturer with which we have formed a partnership to supply Industrial, Domestic and Commercial Lighting in both European and African markets.


Shisha has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years. Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that this new product is exclusively ”Made in Germany” so that the production chain is transparent for the consumer and sustainability can be ensured. Imagine Shisha Vaping is unique because it has NO Nicotine, NO Tobacco whilst it still has the same taste as your normal shisha.


Mariandina is optimum nutrition supplement, a UK brand, manufactured in the UK by Health Aid a well-known manufactured of natural products. The formulations in
Mariandina can help with many diseases. examples include High blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, Lupus, Menopause, Stroke, Addiction and others.
Mariandian is also good for everyone wishing to just stay healthy, by supporting their immune system with minerals and vitamins it needs, not all of which is present in our modern diets.