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Fuel your business growth with personalized and far-reaching digital marketing and sales programs which give you access to our excellent teams of experts. We track, we assess, and we show you the numbers round the clock, with the main goal in mind to make you better than we found you in the first place. This is where freedom from your sales and marketing hurdles begin. Our goals, data-driven programs can push your sales and marketing campaign into a whole new section of your spreadsheet.


Sales are the life blood of business,” with over 30 years of sales management experience across industries and continents we understand importance and value a well managed sales operation brings to organisations.

It is against this background that our team of sales management specialist across the BG group globally have put together a strategic operational sales development service directed to the business development needs of our prospective customers.

Our sales operational consulting service is critical to the success of any business. BG Sales Management Consultancy, help companies by identifying pain points ensuring sales departments are structured, aligned with their sales processes, selling strategies and accorded required sales training producing the expected desired sales results.

Our skilled sales operational management consultants help businesses discover solutions better sales performances by providing valuable sales operational knowledge and support.

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On start-up, businesses encounter challenges on how best to maximise sales opportunities and results, most often spending heavily on marketing and engaging in reactive selling.  At BG Sales Management Consulting we have tailored our services to meet the direct need in sales Management and sale support services for our prospective client.

  • Sales Management Consulting
  • Sales Talent Acquisition & Placement Support
  • Institute of Sales Management Accredited Sales Qualifications (ISM-UK)
  • BG Executive Global Training Partner
  • Sales Events

Sales Management Consulting

Our Sales Management process is an inevitable activity to attaining organizational sales goals. At BG we ensure our techniques in the use of time, humans, money, to develop the sales model or plan run smoothly making it profitable to boost the organisations sales growth. We undertake a consultative process to understand our client needs, taking charge in helping to implement the sales model, the selling process and effecting a revenue generating sales team within the company.

Our primary goal is to ensure our clients achieve sales targets through the development our practical and supported sales plan, we take on the responsibilities of your sales team walking them through our proposed sales plan, evaluating, training and re-enforcing their selling skills as the sales management process is adopted accordingly. We partner the marketing communications department to enable MQL and SQL are in place, so the marketing messages and sales activities are all well aligned. Our management consulting process has always been based on the ADDIE model.

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Accredited Sales Training

Institute of Sales Management Accredited Sales Qualifications (ISM-UK)

Revenue is necessary for companies to stay afloat. Sales teams play an integral part in the overall success of any company, and without effective tailored training and the necessary skill-based support, a company puts itself at risk. At BG, with over 30 years in sales training we are recognised by the Institute of Sales Management UK as the official recognised training centre in Ghana for the Institute.

Who Are the Institute of Sales Management – ISM (UK) Read……

We offer Accredited Sales Qualifications from L2 – L6 in Awards, Certificates and Diplomas.

Our sales training is tailored to the selling environment of the countries we operate in. We ensure support together with our training programs as we believe skill sets need to be adapted and supported, thus training alone is half the job done. This is what makes us unique at BG Sales Management Consult. We give sales teams the opportunity to develop and grow in the sales profession and in so doing develop a career in sales and sales management. Naturally, we effect and instil passion, dedication and commitment in our approach to training hence expected sales results are always achieved for our clients.

Sales Talent Acquisition & Placement Support

For most organisations, a high performing sales team is crucial to the success of their business – to ensure targets are met and boost future growth. Hiring sales professionals can be rather tricky and daunting especially being confident that new hires will add immediate value. With that in mind, BG have identified key skills in demand in sales recruitment in which we develop our recruitment process around.

At BG, we focus on a range of skills and qualities sought by employers in the area of sales. We hold a database of sales professionals ready to be deployed to industry. Our objective of “dropping” into our Sales Talent Acquisition (STL) list of potential sales professionals is based on an interviewing process and supported by the necessary sales training making our sales high achieving sales professionals at their various workplaces. With BG, our sales recruitment process is unique.

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(BG-EGTP)BG Executive Global Training Partner

The (BG-EGTP) is an international sales train the trainer program designed to equip across the BG Global group sales trainers accredited to deliver ISM programs within the countries they represent for and on behalf of BG. We at BG, have developed the BG-EGTP Business Package which constitutes a strategic training development plan to enhance and provide revenue to all BG-EGTP.

We at BG, will facilitate an administrative and training centre support role in ensuring all our country BG-EGTP are equipped with the right tools and skill development to generate and make head way in their training business in their local countries. Our training is based on our training strategy below enabling total customer satisfaction for our client’s sales development needs.

1 | Management Engagement Committed to Understanding

You’re Business Goals First

As part of every engagement, we consult with your senior sales leaders to learn about your business, industry, competitive landscape, sales challenges, and success metrics.  We use these insights to get executive buy-in, get sales managers involved, and develop a training program that focuses on the right skills to help    you achieve your goals.

2 | Customization

Make Sales Training Relevant

Each sales organization is unique, with its own culture, processes     and set of abilities and challenges. That’s why off-the-shelf sales training programs are often boring and ineffective. Our training programs are customized for your organization with personalized case studies, examples and exercises to better address your unique sales challenges and to enhance real world application of skills.

3 | Experiential Training

Because Participants Learn Best by Doing

Our highly experienced facilitators utilize a learning by doing approach that best supports behaviour change. Participants have ample opportunities to practice new selling skills using realistic roles plays and exercises while receiving real-time coaching and feedback.

4 | Reinforcement

Ongoing Reinforcement to Make New Habits Stick

Research shows that without ongoing reinforcement, participants quickly forget what they have learned and revert to their original behaviours. Our sales training programs include post-training reinforcement sessions, job aides, and tools to ensure that new skills learned become habits.

5 | Measurement

Sales Training that Drives Measurable Results

All our programs include post-training assessments to measure    participant satisfaction and the results of the training. During an initial consultation, we work with you to identify key performance indicators that you expect to impact as a result of the training. Then we focus on determining which behaviours the training is expected to influence, and what impact these behaviours will have on your sales results.

6 | Industry Sales Leaders

Industry Leading Sales Training Company in Ghana

BG, in partnership with Corporate Passport have clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses across all industries in Ghana. We have numerous client success stories that demonstrate our willingness to understand your business and implement programs that focus on the right skills and behaviours that impact results. BG, in partnership with Corporate Passport is officially the recognized training center in Ghana.

BG Sales Events

We at BG, have created 3 distinct sales events highlighting and bringing to the focus the value the sales industry bring to any economy and the relevant and important sales professionals bring to their prospective countries. We developed within countries the: The National Sales Conference, The National Sales Award, Meeting of the Minds and the, The National Sales Conference