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Our Work in Education

If there is one thing that can give us a hint of how the future of the world will be like, it is education. The better the education that students are provided is, the brighter the future will be. That’s why the division always been considered a main priority of our company, and that’s why we keep in touch with several schools and universities all around the world. Our options include a variety of professional services. From local start-ups to large corporations, we work together to advise and manage servicesfor private and public sector clients of all sizes internationally.


Beart & Gibson Group aim is to expand international education by facilitating and fostering lasting relationships between UK top leading Universities and partners around the world toward building educational access, economic opportunity, institutional capacity, and professional development. We promote strong, high-quality independent higher and further education and training. It is our belief that the accreditation of institutions against standards based on the best current UK practice can contribute to that aim.


We help with provision of internationally recognised accreditation and related consultancy services in the field of higher and further education and training. By envisioning a highly connected world, where higher education is accessed globally through technology-enabled learning and innovative international partnerships, we mobilise and collaborate towards the steppingstone of personal self-development and achievement of individual career goals.

Our work in Africa

Our partnership with the Rift Valley University, (please visit Our Story), the largest private University in Ethiopia, with campuses in all regional states of the country as well as in Hargeisa and Somali land aims to design and create an e-learning, online platform of postgraduate courses in collaboration with top UK universities. Studying online will give prospects the tools and mindset needed to thrive in a digitally connected economy where they will be prepared to join a global workforce, advance their career, increase their employability, and excel in the workforce, ready to tackle the big challenges of our time.

Passionate producers

We are Media and TV Producers, managing one of the largest entertainment shows in Ethiopia, Golden Call. We can help turn your ideas into a pitch, introduce you to industry players and discuss options for production to help get your work out there. Media Producers are vital within media projects, with a large amount of responsibility and in fields such as broadcasting, film, television, and even commercials. We are also responsible for finding funding for projects, along with developing ideas, writing, and locating suitable people to fill the various roles.