Arty Hyseni


Chairman and CEO

Broad range of experience working in the private and public sector in last 25 years. Working on different types of projects, varied from educational, residential, commercial to leisure and resort projects. Vast experience on Commodities from Oil and Gas to Minerals and Agriculture. Extensive business traveler with unparalleled vision.

Engida Bekele

UK – Ethiopia – Africa

Architectural and Construction Director

Accomplished at directing large, multi-disciplinary design teams and harnessing the creative talent while maintaining both respect and focus on the budget and schedule of the project. Bespoke Architect with global experience. Over 25 years experience

Chris Dent

United Kingdom – Eastern Europe – Africa


Range of knowledge and experience in both Software and Services, from design to coding and providing Solutions to Small, Medium and Large size businesses in these sectors. Exceptionally skilled in I.T and software. Over 35 years experience.

Curtel Fraser

United Kingdom – Asia – Caribbean

Non-Executive Director

A Non-executive director acting as an entrepreneurial mentor, whose presence provides inspirational leadership and an experienced voice as a guide.


Curtel Saint Aubyn Fraser is a seasoned, honest, reliable professional businessman and a prominent force in the Information Technology and Finance market place, with 40+ years experience in senior management. He has provided services to the Private, Government and Commercial Sectors. Curtel has built an extensive network of business contacts and has strong relationships across and beyond the sectors he is prominent in. Curtel’s aim is to source and provide the best of breed technology, precious metal, commodities and natural nutritional supplements.

During 2009-2019, Curtel was recruited by a number of high profile/senior government representatives to assist in sourcing funds and participate in various large Humanitarian, Construction, Infrastructure and clean Renewable/Green Energy saving projects. Curtel is involved with a number of charities and such requests is the driving force which now sees Curtel working with Beart & Gibson.


Troy Dallas

UK – Australia – USA – South America


Troy has one clear agenda within the Corporate Mission of B&G and that is to strengthen the relationship with the Corporate and Public Sector.

“It is possible to galvanize the Financial Institutions to help and support Local Communities while making a profit.”

Having worked in Mainstream Media overseas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, he was able to create a number of social platforms very highly content driven with a focus on telling stories of the people within the community, creating interest and commerce hand in hand. He believes a commitment to CSR is an important value system for every business, not only can it be done for Philanthropic reasons and increasing profitability.

He now has the task of taking Social Impact global by partnering with Financial Blue Chip industries together with Social Enterprises and NGO’s – ensuring that targeted corporate investment create programs that foster innovation, education and training.

Ella Elboim

United Kingdom –  International


Ella brings to the team years of experience in many sectors. Her knowledge and relationships forged over many years as a businesswoman is unique and unmatched. She is well known in UK and around the world for brokering many deals in Real Estate, Gold and Diamonds.


Mwansa Simwangala

Zambia – Angola – Southern African Countries

Project and Business Development Director

Southern Africa Projects and Business Development Director. Mwansa Simwangala, has a rich and  diverse enterprenure experties spanning over 10 years.  She has offered and supplied different services and products not only in her country Zambia but also internationally. Her diversity of business accumen includes mining, energy, roads infrastructure and engineering to mention just a few. Madame Mwansa’s greatest assets ae her indepth knowledge of everything she does but also her work ethics and great communication skills and as such she is very valued member of Beart and Gibson Board of Directors

Dominic Nicholas


International Transaction & Project Advisor

Dominic is a co-founding partner, board of directors of SSAPIC and Erster Capital.  An associated company member of Beart and Gibson, and also of an international transaction & project advisor for Beart & Gibson.  Dominic has over 20+ years of international investment & finance, business development experience in the market, specialising on the structuring, restructuring, M&A, corporate partnering, local capital and exchange market and treasury products, as well as accounting, auditing, reporting and funding matters. Throughout his career Dominic has held senior corporate positions with many businesses, including manufacturing businesses established with Dominic as a key player and co-founder. Dominic has also provided financial services and investment advisory to a broad range of institutional customers including central banks, corporates, commercial and export development (EXIM) bank, MNCs, SMEs, asset managers, energy (oil, gas and petrochemical)/mining companies as well as international organisations. In addition Dominic has 15 years experience in teaching, research and advisory, at a number of respected universities in West Asia, including Oil universities, including Carlton University (Canada) and Hariot-Watt University and a number of banks.


Radomir Jankovic

Serbia – Balkan States and Eastern Europe

Operations Director in Serbia 

Jonathan Quaidoo

Ghana – United Kingdom

Operational Director – Ghana

Well-rounded project manager with experience on a wide range of projects. His leadership enhances and energizes our work environment and fosters a platform for exciting and creative project manager.

Fish Mahray


Business Development Director – Uganda

Vast experience in variety of Industries. Particular passion for Hospitality Industry.  Also expert in Logistic, Construction machinery Sales and Hire. Export and Import from Cars to Agricultural Products. Part of Beart and Gibson Group from 2010. 

Lulzim Idrizi

United Kingdom – Eastern Europe – Africa

Operations Manger in UK and Africa

Managing operations in the UK in various Industries that the company is involved in. Experience in Eastern Europe and also Africa. Managed very successful project for the company in Nigeria, River State. Tireless and willingness to support the company is one of his exceptional traits.

Tom Buelens


International Business Development Adviser

Tom Buelens has an experience of 20 years as a International Business Development Adviser gaining his first credits (2002-2011) as an owner’s representative for Abdul Aziz Alghanim General Trading & Contracting Group in Kuwait . A group of companies with diversified field such as Construction, Medical, Food, Travel, IT, Telecommunications, Security, Defense and General Trading that operate within the Arabian Gulf with a current workforce of 14.000 employees. Tom is very active in business development for India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, with strong associates who are well entrenched in business. Tom’s business emphasis is on (offshore) wind power, moving the construction industry from river sand to (processed) sea sand, and turning waste into energy.
Tom is your man if you are looking for a clever, honest , down-to-earth and pleasant person to be of service to you.
Tom is known for his large portfolio of contacts worldwide.

Heri Teferi

Ethiopia and East Africa

Business Development Director

Heri has many years experience in Ethiopia and other African countries. Prominent part of Beart and Gibson since 2012, companies first venture in the Ethiopia market. Great knowledge of East African market with vast network even further afield.

Hysen Hyseni

Kosovo – Balkan States – Eastern Europe – Africa

Operations Director in Kosova

Ilir Dibra


Project Manager in Kosova

Wondwosson Bekele


Frank Boumba


Business Development Director