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Our International Team

Our International team

Arty Hyseni

Chairman and CEO

UK – Africa – Europe – South America – Middle East

Chairman and CEO of Beart and Gibson, Arty has brought the Company into its present growth, strategizing, structuring and setting it up for success. He has set the vision and business goals for the Group, leading it in different industries from Commodity Trading, Construction to IT and Media, then work with everyone within, to empower them to think big.
With a track record of wide-range experience, working in the Private, Government and Commercial Sectors, an entrepreneur for the last 25 years, Arty has successfully built multiple high-growth businesses, aiming to create values, through integrity, experience and “instant trust” relationships.
An extensive business traveller, with the ability to change business direction when necessary, he seeks new opportunities and new markets worldwide, lately driving forward on-line platforms, one of the world’s fastest growing industry.
One word that describes his mindset from his early childhood is “Willpower”.
The Company is Headquartered in the United Kingdom, other offices around the world from Africa to Eastern Europe, South Asia, and beyond.

Beart and Gibson Ltd is going through restructuring at present. That will reflect soon on this page. Thank You for your patience.

The Chairman – Arty Hyseni

Engida Bekele

Architectural and Construction Director

UK – Africa

Accomplished at directing large, multi-disciplinary design teams and harnessing the creative talent while maintaining the respect and focus on the budget and schedule of the project. Bespoke Architect with over 25 years global experience

Ella Elboim


UK – International

Ella brings to the team years of experience in many sectors. Her knowledge and relationships forged over many years as a businesswoman is unique and unmatched. She is well known in UK and around the world for brokering many deals in Real Estate, Gold and Diamonds.

Chris Dent


UK – Eastern Europe – Africa

Range of knowledge and experience in both Software and Services, from design to coding and providing Solutions to Small, Medium and Large size businesses in these sectors. Exceptionally skilled in I.T and software. Over 35 years experience.

Curtel Saint Aubyn Fraser

Non-Executive Director

UK – Asia – Caribben

Curtel is a seasoned, honest, reliable professional businessman and a prominent force in the Information Technology and Finance marketplace, with 40+ years experience in senior management. He has provided services to the Private, Government and Commercial Sectors. During 2009-2019, Curtel was recruited by a number of high profile/senior government representatives to assist in sourcing funds and participate in various large Humanitarian, Construction, Infrastructure and clean Renewable/Green Energy saving projects.

Troy Dallasa

Commercail and CSR Director

UK – Australia – USA – South America

Having worked in Mainstream Media overseas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, he was able to create a number of social platforms very highly content driven with a focus on telling stories of the people within the community, creating interest and commerce hand in hand. He now has the task of taking Social Impact global by partnering with Financial Blue Chip industries together with Social Enterprises and NGO’s – ensuring that targeted corporate investment create programs that foster innovation, education and training.

Dominic Nicholas

International Transaction & Project Advisor


Dominic is a co-founding partner, board of directors of SSAPIC and Erster Capital. An associated company member of Beart and Gibson, and also of an international transaction & project advisor for Beart & Gibson. Dominic has over 20+ years of international investment & finance, business development experience in the market, specialising on the structuring, restructuring, M&A, corporate partnering, local capital and exchange market and treasury products, as well as accounting, auditing, reporting and funding matters. Throughout his career Dominic has held senior corporate positions with many businesses, including manufacturing businesses established with Dominic as a key player and co-founder.

Mwansa simwangala

Project & Business Development

Zambia – Angola– Southern African Countries

Responsible for Southern Africa Projects and Business Development, Mwansa Simwangala, has a rich and diverse entrepreneur expertise spanning more than 10 years. Her diversity of business acumen includes mining, energy, roads infrastructure and engineering to mention just a few. Madame Mwansa’s greatest assets are her in depth knowledge of everything she does but also her work ethics and great communication skills and as such she is very valued member of Beart and Gibson Core Team.

Ahmed Waheed

IT Project Manager

United Kingdom – Pakistan

Range of knowledge and experience in both Software and Services. Providing solution to Small, Medium and Large size businesses in these sectors. Skilled in IT and Software.

Carl boraiko

Financial Services & Commodities – Non Executive Director


Experienced specialist in the financial services industry and the physical commodity transaction fields. While being an in-demand consultant for business development and strategic planning in multiple disciplines he also has over 40 years of experience in the trading of derivatives, futures, OTC structured products, and physical commodities.

James spurway

Advisory & Investment – Non Executive Director


Active Mentor at a FinTech Startup Accelerator in Singapore, and in the past, has regularly been an Adjunct Lecturer on Sales and Marketing and Finance Subjects at Singapore based Colleges. PhD from the School of Hard Knocks and is an avid practitioner of the “learning by doing” method of gaining real-world experience. James is originally from country Queensland, in Australia, and has lived and worked in the USA, Europe and several countries in Asia during his working career.

Franck boumba

Project & Business Development

Congo Brazzaville – UK

Franck has over 15 year working experience in oil & Gas industry, both offshore & onshore, including 5 year experience working with Government. Franck,s remit is to establish Beart and Gibson’s relationship with Government in the Southern Hemisphere particularly African countries thereby facilitating diverse business opportunities that abound Beart and Gibson’s with its network. Being educate of highest level as Subsea Engineer and having PGDP in Sustainable Energy and BSc in deliver innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for diverse projects in the Southern Hemisphere working in synergy with key players in different sector including here Governments; Oil & Gas, Administration, Mining & Pipeline industry, Wind, Photovoltaic, Agriculture, Architecture, Port Management and much more.

Fish Mahray

Project & Business Development

Uganda – East Afirca

Vast experience in variety of Industries. Particular passion for Hospitality Industry. Also expert in Logistic, Construction machinery Sales and Hire. Export and Import from Cars to Agricultural Products. Part of Beart and Gibson Group from 2010.

Hysen Hyseni

Operations Director in Kosova

Kosovo – Balkan States – Eastern Europe – Africa

CO – Managing operations in Kosova and Balkan Region in various Industries that the company is involved in. Experience in Eastern Europe and also Africa. Lived in both Ghana and Ethiopia for a number of years. Very valuable member of Beart and Gibson Group.

Ilir Dibra

Project & Business Development Director

Kosova – Eastern Europe – Afirca

CO – Managing operations in Kosova and Balkan Region in various Industries that the company is involved in. Experience in Eastern Europe and also Africa. Visited Africa on many occasion and has garnered great in-depth experience. Very valuable member of Beart and Gibson Group.

Tom Buelens

Project & Business Development

Belgium – International

Tom Buelens has an experience of 20 years as a International Business Development Adviser gaining his first credits (2002-2011) as an owner’s representative for Abdul Aziz Alghanim General Trading & Contracting Group in Kuwait. A group of companies with diversified field such as Construction, Medical, Food, Travel, IT, Telecommunications, Security, Defense and General Trading that operate within the Arabian Gulf with a current workforce of 14.000 employees. Tom is very active in business development for India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, with strong associates who are well entrenched in business. Tom’s business emphasis is on (offshore) wind power, moving the construction industry from river sand to (processed) sea sand, and turning waste into energy. Tom is known for his large portfolio of contacts worldwide.

Wondwosson Bekele

Business Development & Operations Manager

Ethiopia – East Africa – Germany

Graduated from Charles University with M. Sc in Mathematics and further Studied SAP R/3 for Logistic Module MM, SD and PP. He worked more than 15 years as SAP R/3 consultant and developer in many Big German and world company like Dürkopp Adler, Alliance, Altana, and S&P MTB Ltd etc… WB has worked for Big Business house in Germany as African Business Representative for German Products in Automotive Industries. Since 25 years he is all-round Investment Adviser and Project Manager in Many Projects in Africa. He worked mainly in the field of IT, Media, Energy, transportation, construction , mining and many others!

Lulzim Idrizi

Operations Manger in UK and Africa

United Kingdom – Eastern Europe – Africa

Managing operations in the UK in various Industries that the company is involved in. Experience in Eastern Europe and also Africa. Managed very successful project for the company in Nigeria, River State. Tireless and willingness to support the company is one of his exceptional traits.

Belothi W Bokesse

Project & Business Development

Democratic Republic of The Congo

Belothi W Bokesse leads our mission to improve communication among the Arts Interior Design field and manufacturing of decoration materials in construction sectors and enhance the understanding of product quality issues.

Dr. Shalelley U. Amos

Project & Business Development


Business graduate with extreme industrial and Global Business inclination, zeal and will power, wealth of experience in Business and project Management span over two and half decades of managerial Skills, credits and goodwill.

Adane Mogess

Business Development Manager

Germany & East Africa

Electronic technology for Automotive Engineering and Business Administrator. Over 20 years Experience in Europe and East Africa.

Arta Hyseni

Business Development Manager

Kosova & Balkan Region

Marketing graduate and enthusiastic learner with an eye for detail and insight into Social Media Marketing. Managing and Directing the Skincare and Beauty division of Beart and Gibson in Kosova and Balkan Region through our partnership with Bellus International Group.

Fikile Zitumane

Business Development & Marketing

UK – South Africa – Global

Fikile has over 3 decades hands on experience in the Global Marketing and Management in Health Care Industry. She has worked in Europe and has mastered the art of marketing into different markets scattered across the globe. Fikile’s exposure to Global Marketing has seen her actively participating in the Construction and designing of Health Care Centers, Supply Chain and Logistics through Exports and Imports of Agricultural produce, medication and medical equipment, minerals and various other commodities. Fikile, a people’s person, has interests in Agriculture and Agro-business, with keen interests on sustainable farming and international marketing, coupled with capacity building to all marginalized stakeholders. She believes that discipline is half the learning, and is motivated by creating value to one’ self.