International Trade Deals

We are focused in wholesale deals from all over the world in various commodities, trade helps to promotes economic growth, efficiency, technological progress and importantly consumer welfare. We trade in Coffee, Wheat, Sugar, Wine, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Gold,  and Diamonds. We trade all over the world including the United Kingdom, France, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique and many more. 

Safety Equipment & Protective Clothing

Beart and Gibson work with Elite Group Ltd, the company has excelled in the industry of security safety equipment, clothing and accessories. It operates in eight different countries with their HQ in Belgrade, Serbia. They produce uniform and equipment for various services such as the police force, military, fire service and more such as airline pilots and cabin crew, and rescue services.

The philosophy of the company is that by providing products that are minimising threats of any kind, our future becomes more predictable and more importantly, safer. Elite Group Ltd specialises in innovative engineering, development and manufacturing of personal protective equipment for a wide range of uses.

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